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Sunday, May 07, 2006

I'm barred....

We went to Goathland yesterday, that's the Goathland that's used in the Heartbeat series. The fact that Granda was the driver, navigator and open wallet, meant he had the choice for the first stop of the day. You guessed it, a pub for lunch. I did find the play area at the side though...

We visited all the places they use on the series....

......The garage

.....The station

.....I was even told to leave the pub bar. NO KIDS...huh, they don't know what they're missing

Yesterday was diesel day at the railway, so no steam engines. But we still had a train ride down to Pickering. A long way, a little boring, but plenty of time to run around the train and watch Granda try to keep up. He was kind enough though, to find me a tin of paint to stand on and look out of the door window.

Another long day, but a nice day.....I wonder where we end up next time ???

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Morning monster...

Hi monster.
Haven't got your walking video onto the blog yet. But here's the song you were singing yesterday coming home from 'Raspberry' topping.

Just click the circle in the middle of the picture.

Oh I forgot to say, you can feed tiger with tuna now. Just click on the box where his ball is,
catch you later.. XXX

...and the other one is here

Sunday, April 16, 2006

A day with Dracula

Yesterday Granda took us to Whitby, he told me about it being where Dracula landed when he came to England. I think he thought he was frightening me, but no chance...well, I got a little shock when we saw Dracula in the doorway of his museum.

The day started with me waking Granda up early, he'd been out to the mucky pub the night before, and Grandma said if he didn't have a headache he might take me out. I was in luck, he wasn't as grumpy as expected.
We parked the car at the top of the cliffs, next to a big old church. I think Grandma said it was an abbey.

Granda wanted to walk around the graveyard, he seems to like being near those spooky coffins. I enjoyed reading the names and ages of the people who had died, one child I saw died by drowning in the Tees river, she was only 3.
But I got told off for climbing on top of one stone...Granda said it wasn't safe.

To get down to the town we had to go down the steps, there are 199 steps, but I lost count on the way down. I think I was thinking too hard about the candyfloss Granda promised me.
There was a big ship in the harbour called the Grand Turk. We went aboard to have a look around. I even tried to sail her, but I think they had the anchor down, just in case.

Down in the bottom of the ship I met a real pirate, he looked scary at first, but he was a nice pirate really, and even made me a necklace out of thin rope. He showed me how they made rope for the ship, even let me turn the machine to twist the rope. But he said if I didn't turn fast enough he would cut my nose off. I think Granda would have flattened the pirates nose first. He also told me they had to eat rats when they got hungry. The fat rats were the best.

We then went along to have a sail out to sea on another ship, it was freezing but we had to wave at everyone we saw on land, and we had to sing songs, or the lady said we'd be dropped in the water.

The Fish Of The Sea:

Come all you young sailormen, listen to me
I'll sing you a song of the fish in the sea,


and it's...
Windy weather boys, stormy weather, boys
When the wind blows we're all together, boys

Blow ye winds westerly, blow ye winds, blow
Jolly sou'wester, boys, steady she goes.
Up jumps the eel with his slippery tail,
Climbs up aloft and reefs the topsail,

and it's... CHORUS

Then up jumps the shark with his nine rows of teeth
Saying, 'You eat the dough boys, and I'll eat the beef!'

and it's... CHORUS

Up jumps the lobster with his heavy claws,
Bites the main boom right off by the jaws!

and it's... CHORUS

Up jumps the halibut, lies flat on the deck
He says, 'Mister Captain, don't step on my neck'

and it's... CHORUS

Up jumps the herring, the king of the sea,
Saying, 'All other fishes, now you follow me!'

and it's... CHORUS

Up jumps the codfish with his chuckle-head,
He runs out up forward and throws out the lead!

and it's... CHORUS

Up jumps the whale... the largest of all,
'If you want any wind, well, I'll blow ye a squall!'


I wanted a bucket and spade to build a sandcastle, I got one, but the tide came in and covered most of the beach. We found another small beach, and Granda helped me build a sandcastle.

So I got candyfloss, a bucket and spade, fish 'n' chips and two trips on ships....Grandma got fish 'n' chips, two trips on ships and cold hands....and Granda got fish 'n' chips, two trips on ships and an empty wallet. He did buy a packet of Whitby fudge

............ but me and Grandma ate most of it.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sweet Dreams, and don't let the bed bugs bite

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I'm behind you...


Granda put me one of those FlickR boxes on the blog. It's up on the right, and shows some more photos. Most of them have me on so they must be good.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Washington Wildfowl Centre

We had another day out today. Grandma phoned this morning to say Granda and her would take me to Washington Wildfowl centre if I wanted to go. I thought she was joking at first, because Granda likes his lazy lie in on a Sunday.
I said I wanted to go, as I knew the flamingos were there. Granda and Grandma said that there might not be flamingos, but when we arrived the first thing we saw was a great big bunch of pink birds, standing on one leg. I knew they had flamingos, and when I told Granda, he just said "You win".

The lady gave us a ticket and a map to show us where to go. Granda kept the map, because I think he likes telling us where to go. We never get lost though, well not much.
The first thing we saw was a great big bunch of hungry ducks, I was a bit nervous of them pecking my fingers at first, but I soon got used to them eating the grain out of my hand.

As we walked around we came upon a great big swan, she was as big as a pony, but didn't look very friendly. She seemed better when we got the food out.

Granda found a little friend, he said he would be nice with 'black bean sauce' I don't know what he meant but his little friend followed him all over.

We kept finding these funny little buildings, I think they were called hides. Everyone was nice and quiet inside, until I went in. All the windows were closed so I tried to open them, Granda wasn't too pleased, I don't know why.

Newcastle football club were playing at home, and Granda said he saw a few of the fans in the lake. I think he meant they were black and white.

The best bit for me was the playground, it had a screw machine, that when you turned it brought up water.

At the end, Grandma and Granda wanted a cup of tea. I hid down a pipe until Granda promised to buy me a chocolate cake with my tea...........

............He soon said yes.